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—  taste danlu  —

Modern dishes that capture the flavors of the season


Market Hour

(at the bar)

Monday through Friday 




—  Pork Belly  —
Pickled bitter melon, peanut brittle, cilantro, spicy glaze, steamed bun

—  Peking Duck  —
cucumber, scallion, shiso, peanut brittle, sriracha, hoisin sauce, steamed bun

Xi'an Spicy Lamb Shoulder
Pickled jalapeños, scallion, mint,
Iron pan bread     

Xi'an Red Braised Pork
pickled jalapeños, cilantro, scallion
Iron pan bread

--Danlu Grilled Cheeseburger--

applewood smoked bacon and gruyere, Danlu seasoned julienne fries



—  Citrus cured salmon  —
rice crisp, pickled mustard seeds,
salmon caviar, roasted lemon vinaigrette

—  Tuna Tartare
avocado, organic baby greens, wasabi aioli, soy glaze


--Danlu Siders--

thin sliced spiced tenderloin of beef, pickled chilies, house baked potato bun  $9

       add additional slider  $3

--Tempura oysters  (3)--                            cucumber, salad, cashews


— Taiwanese pork sausage —
crispy brussel sprouts,
garlic and chile

Wok stir fried bok choy
beach and oyster mushrooms, tofu,
spiced cashews, black bean sauce

— Crispy edamame pot sticker —
barrel aged ginger vinaigrette

— Clementine Salad —

 True Lead Farm Mustard Greens,
Belgium Endive, egg, crispy cashews

--Grilled beef  skewers--            beef tenderloin, scallions, soy glaze, chili oil


*Consuming raw food increases
the risk of food borne illness*




Vegetable basmati
fried rice, 
crispy poached egg, pickled salad

Pork belly Tonkotsu Ramen
scallion, beech mushrooms, silky Tonkotsu soup, spicy miso

He fen, roasted duck, duck sausage,
Chinese broccoli, pomegranate

Sea Salt Crusted Shrimp
Pad Thai, peanuts     

Sea Salt Crusted Chicken Pad Thai, crushed peanuts                               $17

Vegetable Pad Thai, crushed peanuts


— Entrees —

~~Natural free-range crispy chicken~~

 bok-choy, black beans, chilies  $16

~~Red snapper~~

ginger, scallions, cilantro  $25

~~Grilled lamb chops~~

eggplant, Chinese broccoli, gingered carrots veloute  $29

~~Sliced Grilled Filet Mignon~~

shiitake mushrooms, chive blossoms, lo mein  $24


~~Viking Village scallops~~

Meyer lemon creamy rice, lime, tomatoes, red onions, chilies  $19

~~Grilled salmon~~

 blood orange, cucumber, pea tops salad  $23

~~Wok-seared Pineland Farms beef tenderloin~~

shrimp, Chinese broccoli, Thai chili garlic sauce  $23



—  Dessert  —

Handmade daily, exclusively in-house

— Green tea torte
white valrhona chocolate, blood orange coulis

— Pineapple Bamboloni

— Mango and chocolate sorbet
Black and white sesame tuile